DC Fred Murphy


Played by David Morrissey

Liverpool, 49. Murphy is found to be sort of vacant by a lot of people. He doesn’t talk much. When action is required, though, he comes to life. Otherwise, he is quietly methodical and meticulous. Many think he suffers from PTSD and wonder how he managed to land a job as a cop.


Murphy joined the army right out of school and immediately after training was assigned to the 1st Armoured Division and sent to fight in the Falklands War. On his return, he was stationed for much of the 80s in Northern Ireland. He left the army after the Gulf War and joined the police force in 1991. His military record prompted his immediate placement with the newly formed armed response units, under experienced copper PS Robert Alvey. In 1993, their unit was dispatched in response to a call for backup, during which they lost the third member of their team. Murphy, however, sprang into action and saved the rest of the police involved. He was transferred to the new unit with the rest of the survivors and partnered with DC Ellis Pryce. When Alvey was demoted in 2001 and Pryce took his place, they ended up partners again.

DC Fred Murphy

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