DC Ken Smith


Played by Stephen Graham

Liverpool, 40. Firm working class sensibility but with no tolerance for racism.


Smith grew up in Liverpool, raised primary by his Jamaican paternal grandfather and had to deal with a lot of abuse for his minority black ancestry from the working class kids he grew up with. The family ended up moving to London in 1982 when his father and mother were both out of work and jobs were thin on the ground. His father took a job with the Metropolitan Police Service and, after he graduated in 1991, he joined him. While answering a routine disturbing the peace call in 1993, he and his partner were attacked by a werewolf. Both were badly injured but between the two of them were able to kill the creature by garroting it with the silver chain of his St. Christopher medal. On recovery, they were sent to the new cult squad rather than returning to their old assignment. They both still consider themselves more police than detectives and generally do the footwork while the other members of the team do the detective work.

He married a half-Bangladeshi woman named Lisa in 1996 and they have two teenage children, Lucy and Derrick.

DC Ken Smith

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