DC Rhona Fraser


Played by Sharon Small

Scottish, 46. Very no-nonsense but always willing to help members of the squad, particularly the new folks who are still adjusting to the weirdness. She has a nasty scar on the right side of her neck partially concealed by her hair.


Fraser comes from a long line of cops but is the first of her family in London, having moved here after the death of her father on the job when she was 12. She joined the force in 1986 and transferred to the CID two years later. In 1993, she and her partner were part of the team investigating a string of homicides involving prostitutes. She was put on the street and was subsequently attacked by a vampire. Her partner’s quick thinking was the only reason she didn’t bleed out, but the perpetrator got away. The two were tagged to join the new cult squad, which was being formed at the same time, and have been with it ever since.

DC Rhona Fraser

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