DC Ryan Walker


Played by Joel Edgerton

Australian, 39. Beer, football, and girls occupy most of his attention off the clock. He’s been reprimanded several times for flirting with female co-workers. Known for being a risk-taker.


Walker grew up in Australia but his father, who was English, took him to London when he was 16 after his divorce. He was always enamored by the rough-and-tumble copper image and so joined the force in 1992 and was partnered with PC Ken Smith. A year later, they were attacked by a werewolf on a routine disturbing the peace call and barely managed to kill it. Badly injured, they were both hospitalized for several weeks and found themselves transferred to the new cult squad on their return to work. Neither of them consider themselves detectives, despite their CID designation. They are cops and they do most of the team’s footwork.

DC Ryan Walker

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