DC Tom Wilson


Played by Mark Gatiss

Durnham county, 46. Prone to brightly colored suits and very neat. Stern and humorless except with his partner.


Wilson came to the force in 1989 with a criminal justice degree and a Holmes-like approach to police work which didn’t sit well with a lot of his colleagues, who considered him a pretentious git. After he transferred to the CID in 1991, he proved to have the mind to back up his pretense, but this only soured him more in the mind of more experienced coppers. Things changed when he ended up working homicide with DC Rhona Fraser and saved her life when she was attacked during an undercover assignment in pursuit of a killer targeting prostitutes. Before he could enjoy his improved reputation, they were both transferred to the new cult squad. He gets along well with his co-workers now and they recognize the value of his clear head and keen observational skills.

DC Tom Wilson

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