DCI Dennis Wright

Senior Investigative Officer


Played by Pruitt Vince

British, 53. Called the “Vicar of Whitechapel”. He has nystagmus which many people find disconcerting. Most people find him to be irritable and short-tempered. His uncanny knack for sniffing out cases that fit the unit’s profile is considered somewhat disturbing by his superiors and co-workers. He is known to talk to himself when he thinks he is alone.


Wright was a highly intelligent young man driven by his desire to pursue a career in law enforcement. He got his LLB and was fast-tracked to the CID when he joined the police in 1981. By 1991, he was a Detective Inspector with the Area Major Incident Pool in central London. In 1993, he was the investigating officer on the case which led to the formation of the cult squad. He was very badly injured and took six months to recover. He still suffers chronic pain and nerve damage (causing his nystagmus). When he returned to work, he was promoted to Detective Chief Inspector and made head of the new Whitechapel Major Incident Team, which he has remained for the last twenty years.

DCI Dennis Wright

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