DI Sean Logan

Investigative Officer


Played by Brendan Coyle

Irish-Scottish, 49. Logan is very personable but is obsessed with his work and tends to push his unit to keep the same sort of insane hours that he often does. It is generally thought that the frustration of his biggest case going nowhere in years has had its effects on him and that he is generally burned out after so many years on the unit. He is one of the few people that DCI Wright is considered to be friendly with.


Logan is a career copper. He joined the force in 1982 and spent four years as a patrolman before a superior recommended him for transfer to CID. Dennis Wright was his first partner and he followed him as Detective Sergeant in 1991. In 1993, they were involved with the case that prompted the formation of the cult squad. Logan was promoted to Detective Inspector in the new unit under the command of now DCI Wright. His team has remained focused on the Knights of St. Francis for the last twenty years but have achieved maddeningly little.

It is widely known that he intends to retire next year. It is a persistent rumor that he is gay and speculation on his relationship with Pryce is a popular topic out of their earshot.

DI Sean Logan

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