Dr. Eve Pemberton

Force Medical Examiner


Played by Juliet Stevenson

English, 56. An odd character, completely unfazed by any weirdness that comes across her examining table, and an avid interest in the unit’s activities that many find somewhat disconcerting.


Dr. Pemberton had already seen her fair share of odd and unexplained things during her years as a police pathologist before that night in 1993. An odd, private person, she gravitated towards a medical specialty with a minimum of social contact and a lot of novelty. Being the one who examined the bodies that night, she was transferred to the new unit as its medical examiner, though her position was a lot broader than her official title would suggest. She isn’t just a pathologist, also serving as physician and trauma surgeon to members of the unit when their afflictions and injuries can’t be on public record.

She divorced her husband shortly after moving to the new unit, though she assures anyone who asks that the marriage had been rocky for years over the topic of children.

Dr. Eve Pemberton

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