DS Ellis Pryce

Case Officer


Played by Rhys Ifans

Welsh, 45. Pryce is moody and intense. He’s absolutely loyal to Logan and protective of his team members, but is a ruthless taskmaster as well. He shares Logan’s obsession with bringing down the Knights of St. Francis.


Pryce joined the force in 1988 and was still a police constable when a call for backup went out in 1993. He and his partner responded and only Pryce made it out alive. Like all of the survivors, he was transferred to the new Whitechapel squad and partnered with DC Fred Murphy. Murphy’s former partner, Robert Alvey, was their Detective Sergeant. When Alvey was demoted in 2001, Pryce was promoted to take his place. Things have been strained between the two of them ever since.

It is well known that he expects to be promoted to detective inspector when Logan retires and for Murphy to be his sergeant.

DS Ellis Pryce

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