DS Ian Norris

Crime Scene Manager


Played by John Hannah

Scottish, 51. Perpetually haggard, anti-social and short-tempered. He is a fan of British punk and ‘The Clash’ is often blaring in his lab.


Norris was a very dedicated, serious student who entered the force after completing his degree in forensic science. He was the crime scene manager in the aftermath of the incident which prompted the forming of the cult squad and was one of the original members. He has been overworked for most of his career, only managing one victory in his ongoing efforts to build a staff so he doesn’t have to do everything himself: the hiring of DS Martin Quirke. His requests for lab assistants, however, have thus far been ignored.

He blames the job for the disintegration of his marriage, which ended seven years ago. His children are grown now and his relationship with his ex-wife, Marlee, is actually very good.

DS Ian Norris

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