DS Martin Quirke

Exhibit Officer


Played by Cillian Murphy

Irish, 37. Quiet, intellectual, deeply religious. His reverence towards the artifacts in his possession have led to his office being called “The Reliquary”. He is sometimes referred to as the unit’s chaplain, but doesn’t like being called such, though he is always willing to talk to people about matters of faith.


Quirke has the distinction of being one of the few members of the cult squad who was not recruited because of a brush with the supernatural. He spent three years in seminary, studying to become a priest, when he inexplicably quit in 1997 and joined the police force. He was assigned to CID in 2001 and worked in the Arts and Antiques Unit. In 2004, his report about several items recovered from a black market sale that were stolen from an Iraq war zone caught the eye of somebody higher up and he was re-assigned to the cult squad. His expertise were put to use researching and cataloging the various items that came into possession of the unit as evidence. It was a job previously done by DS Ian Norris, when he could spare the time.

DS Martin Quirke

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