Police Procedures


Early: 6am – 2pm
Late: 2pm – 10pm
Night: 10pm – 6am



Police Community Support Officer: civilian with limited powers
Police Constable: “uniforms”, rank and file
Police Sergeant: “skipper”, supervise a team of constables
Police Inspector: office manager of a duty shift
Chief Inspector: operations manager of a police station
Superintendent: “the boss”, “sir/ma’am”, overall boss of a police station
Chief Superintendent: head of Borough Operational Command Unit (BOCU)


Detective Constable: rank and file
Detective Sergeant: supervise a team of constables
Detective Inspector: manage a team of constables
Detective Chief Inspector: boss of detectives (reports to Superintendent)
Detective Superintendent: head of non-divisional specialized team
Detective Chief Superintendent: head of a CID department

Chief Police Officers (ACPO)

Commander: head of a major department or group of boroughs
Deputy Assistant Commissioner: oversees groups of departments or boroughs
Assistant Commissioner: in charge of directorate
Deputy Commissioner: second-in-command of Metropolitan Police
Commissioner: head of the Metropolitan Police, most senior police officer in UK


All members of the Whitechapel unit are Authorized Firearms Officers.

  • 9mm Glock 17
  • Taser X26
  • ASP Baton
  • Hiatt Speedcuffs
  • CS/PAVA Incapacitant Spray
  • Torch
  • Stab Vest
  • Airwave Personal Radio
  • Personal Protection Pouch (gloves, CPR mask)
  • Duty belt
  • Warrant card

They drive Armed Response Vehicles in teams of three (driver, navigator, observer).

  • Two 9mm Heckler & Koch MP5s
  • Three L104A1 Baton guns
  • First aid kit

Police Procedures

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