The Dungeon

The Dungeon is the basement of the Leman Street Police Station at 74 Leman Street in Whitechapel (home to the Specialist Firearms Command). The south half is called “The Bunker” and is the home of detectives of the cult squad. The north half is called “The Maze” and is the home of the forensics unit. It has no windows, narrow hallways, old florescent lights, and is painted institutional green.

Incident Room

Too Many Desks, Mother’s Watchful Eye
The incident room is the nerve center of the cult squad. It contains three rows of old partner’s desks for the constables and three regular desks for the sergeants. Three offices directly off the room are for the inspectors. One wall is assigned to each core team for the notes on their current cases. It is run by DS Elen Priddy, who the detectives call “Mother”. She is in charge of the squad’s instance of HOLMES 2, which is referred to as “Father”, but whose official name is HELSING (there’s a running contest to come up with a good backronym). She’s assisted by the office clerk, DC Emily Bell, who collects paperwork from detectives when they come in and processes it into HELSING.

Manager’s Office

Drowning in Paperwork, Barely Room to Move
This office belongs to DS Priddy and DC Bell. They are always here during the early shift and sometimes during the late shift, processing paperwork and entering data into HELSING.

Intelligence Office

Flammable Clutter
This long, narrow room holds desks for the three members of the intelligence team: DS Jack Garrett, DC Peter Atkin, and DC Anthony Bowyer. Practically every surface is covered in stacks of folders, binders, and books (some of them downright arcane).

The Dungeon

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