Father Henry Delamore

Catholic Priest


Played by David Warner

Despite his seemingly limited experience as a parish priest in a London suburb, most find him rather worldly and very well educated, particularly in matters of history and anthropology. He can be very abrupt when he’s busy but will always take time out if someone truly needs his counsel. He is a strong supporter of Manchester United and is often found in the The Crypt Bar watching football.


Born in Manchester in 1942 and attended Loreto College there before moving to London to study at Allen Hall Seminary. He was ordained in 1966 and requested the Tower Hill parish, which he received and has been at the Church of the English Martyrs ever since. He serves as a religious “consultant” for the cult squad, which usually means that he’s brought in to perform exorcisms on possessed prisoners, but he is also very knowledgeable about demonic lore and serves as counselor to members of the squad who need someone to talk to who they can tell everything (department psychologists are, of course, out of the question).

Father Henry Delamore

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